If you are aged between 8-18 years old and live in UKyou can join the London Safeguarding Forum (DDISS) Young Advisors group and work with us to raise the voices of children and young people about bullying issues.

Upcoming opportunities include:

  1. Take part in our decision making panel to decide the winners of the LG-T20 Creative Arts Competition;
  2. Help to organise and take part in the winners’ on-line event taking place in February;
  3. Be a young recruiter – we will be interviewing for a new Co-ordinator for DDISS on 28 January and will include a young person to sit on the interview panel alongside adult decision makers (no experience necessary – support will be provided and young person will receive renumeration);
  4. Take part in media training;
  5. Join the DDISS Young Advisors project (Jan-May 2021) which seeks to promote the voice of young people about bullying issues identified in the LG-T20 Poll.

To join and hear more about the opportunities to get involved in our work please contact Gill Hassard: ghassard@ncb.org.uk