The London Safeguarding Forum is inviting schools and youth groups to share anti-bullying good practice – this could be through lesson plans, activities, games, parents/carers workshops or whole organisational approaches.


DDISS will collate these examples of good practice so that others may benefit from the learning. If suitable, DDISS can promote credited examples of good practice to others in the education and youth sector through our resources in Anti-Bullying Week.

Your work will be reviewed and you will be contacted before it would form part of the Anti-Bullying Week Resources which are available to registered schools in Anti-Bullying Week in Northern Ireland.

What is good practice?

  • strategies that empower young people, parents/carers and practitioners to know what bullying is, what to do and how to stop it
  • strategies that demonstrate a reduction in incidents of bullying
  • strategies that demonstrate good intervention if/when bullying behaviours occur
  • whole school consultation including school staff, parents/carers and pupils in the development of anti-bullying practice
  • integrating anti-bullying ethos into relevant areas of the curriculum

How to share good practice?

  1. Describe your good practice in no more than 300 words and email to


  1. Fill out this lesson plan template and email to