Resources for Anti-Bullying Week 2018 are now available to all schools and organisations.

To download a resource from the list below, simply click the title (highlighted in pink) and save to your computer.


Presentations Key Stage Description
Presentation 1 - Three Bullying Goats Gruff F – KS1 Story presentation for young children, exploring friendship and friendly behaviour
1 - Na Maistíní Meannáin F - KS2 Presentation 1 in Irish
Presentation 2- Introduction to LG-T18 (F-KS2) F - KS2 Power Point presentation to introduce LG-T18 among primary school aged children.
Presentation 3 - Time to Act KS1 - KS2 PowerPoint exploring LG-T18 and responses to bullying through RESPECT.
Presentation 4 - Introduction to LG-T18 KS3+ KS3 – KS4+ Power Point presentation to introduce LG-T18 among post-primary school aged young people.
Presentation 5 - My Story (LG-T18 Posters) KS3 – KS4+ Scripted monologues exploring bullying situations illustrated in the LG-T18 posters.


Activities Key Stage Activity Description
Activity 1 - Everyone is Different, Everyone Deserves Respect F - KS1 Story based activity on theme of individuality and RESPECT.
Activity 2 - Barney Teaches Respect F – KS1 Activity based on clip of a song from the TV show ‘ Barney’, exploring the meaning of RESPECT.
Activity 3 - Respect is All Around F – KS2 Presentation and activities to encourage children to think about how RESPECT is displayed.
Activity 4 - Celebrating our Skills KS1 – KS2 Activity celebrating individual talents, using trailer for Monsters University movie at stimulus. (FIXED)
Activity 5 - Time to Act KS1 – KS2 Scenario based activity encouraging RESPECT for yourself, RESPECT for the environment and RESPECT for others.
Activity 6 - Golden Rules of Respect KS1 – KS2 Based on clips from the movie ‘Matilda’, this activity explore how we show RESPECT to others.
Activity 7 - How Respect Grows KS2 Two-part activity exploring how we build relationships on RESPECT.
Activity 8 - What do you do KS2 – KS3 Scenario based activity exploring respectful responses to bullying situations.
Gníomhaíocht 8 - Ceardlann ar an Mheas KS2 – KS3 Activity 8 in Irish.
Activity 9 - ‘Why are you doing this to me’ (Time to Stand) KS2 – KS3 Film based activity exploring a scenario of disrespect and racial bullying.
Activity 10 - Principles of Respect KS3 – KS4 Project based activity challenging young people to explore how respectful behaviour can create a safer environment online.
Activity 11 - ‘It’s just so different round here’ (Time to Stand) KS4+ Using the film from Activity 9 as a stimulus, young people are challenged to develop a public awareness campaign around bullying, harassment and hate crimes. Informed by latest PSUK statistics.
Gníomhaíocht 11 - Tá sé chomh difriúil thart faoin áit seo -Seasaimis! KS4+ Activity 11 in Irish.
Activity 12 - I Needed to Learn I Needed to Listen KS4+ This activity uses a TED Talk by controversial figure Megan Phelps-Roper to generate discussion around the balance between freedom of speech and the need to show respectful behaviour, particularly online.

LG-T18 Posters

Printed copies of the posters have been sent to all registered schools and organisations.

Follow the links below to download the posters, which you can print or display on digital screens. Both English and Irish language versions are available, and posters can be downloaded in PDF and JPEG formats.

Posters (English) - English JPEG English PDF

Posters (Irish) - Irish JPEG Irish PDF

You can download the full set of posters here - LG-T18 Posters