Effective Responses to Bullying Behaviour (DDISS, 2013)

This resource has been developed by DDISS working alongside representatives from the five Education and Library Boards. Its overall purpose is to promote an anti-bullying culture in schools and help staff provide support both to pupils experiencing bullying and those who engage in bullying behaviour. It provides examples of anti-bullying strategies across four levels of […]

Incident Recording Form for Pupils (ChildLine, 2005)

Keeping a record about the bullying you’ve experienced can be really helpful when you are talking to your teacher or another adult about how to sort it out. Try to remember and write down as much as you can about what happened, when and where the bullying took place, and who was involved. You can […]

Checklist of Good Practice (DDISS, 2018)

Proactive strategies are those that promote a positive anti-bullying ethos and responsive strategies are those that become effective when dealing with cases of bullying as and when they arise. Best anti-bullying practice shows the need for schools to include both types to combat bullying.   This resource supports school leaders to think about how their […]