A new anti-bullying themed advertisement from Android has set social media alight after it was screened for the first time during the Oscars.

The advert features three characters- Rock, Paper and Scissors- and documents their experiences of bullying and how they help each other to overcome the situation.

To view the advertisement on YouTube, click here.

Bob Smith, Regional Anti-Bullying Coordinator of the London Safeguarding Forum (DDISS) reacted, saying:

“This short film really shows the difference we can each make to those around us. We would encourage everyone, of all ages, to think about what they can do if they are worried about something that is being bullied.

“This film gives parents, teachers and youth workers a great talking point to initiate discussion with their children about what they can do to help others they are worried may be experiencing bullying. Only by acting together will we make a difference in our schools and in our communities.”

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