Anti-Bullying Week 2024 - United Against Bullying

There are many ways to get involved with Anti-Bullying Week 2024 this year!

Anti-Bullying Week 2024 Resources - We have worked with Stranmillis University College students to develop a range of resources to help you bring Anti-Bullying Week to life in school.

Odd Socks Day - For the first time we are bringing Odd Socks Day to Northern Ireland!

Social Media Toolkit - promote what you have been doing for Anti-Bullying Week!

Anti-Bullying Week 2024 Resources

All the resources are designed to help schools to celebrate and take part Anti-Bullying Week. They are available for a range of year groups across Primary and Secondary. We’ve designed the resources so they can be adapted to the ever-changing situations in schools relating to COVID-19. They could be delivered online, in smaller groups, in class or as whole assembly groups. The resources tackle the issue of face to face bullying and bullying that takes place online. The pack contains assembly plans, lesson plans and cross curricular activity ideas that are designed to encourage students to think about how we can unite to address bullying both online and offline.

You can download our comprehensive Resource Pack below:

To download a resource from the list below, simply click the title (highlighted in pink) and save to your computer.

Activity Key Stage Description
Activity 1 – Fill our Buckets Foundation / Key Stage 1 An assembly plan talking about the importance of looking out for each other. Could be used in conjunction with the bucket lesson plan below.
Activity 2 – Have you Filled Someone’s Bucket? Foundation / Key Stage 1 A lesson thinking about how we can have an impact on each other using the metaphor of keeping your bucket full.
Activity 3 – My Puzzle Piece Foundation / Key Stage 1 A lesson plan aiming to celebrate difference and diversity in all pupils.
Activity 4 – Stories Key Stage 1 A series of stories which could be read each day of Anti-Bullying Week with questions relating to bullying to ask pupils.
Activity 5 – Let’s Make Bullying Extinct Key Stage 1 (possible adaptations for Key Stage 2) A lesson built around dinosaur characters in a film discussing the power of words.
Activity 6 – Sammy’s Shoes Key Stage 1 / 2 A lesson plan using a book called ‘Sammy’s Shoes’ which addresses the issue of difference focusing on understanding autism.
Activity 7 – Sammy’s Shoes (in Irish) Key Stage 1 / 2 A lesson plan using a book called ‘Sammy’s Shoes’ which addresses the issue of difference focusing on understanding autism.
Activity 8 – An Introduction to Bullying Key Stage 2 A lesson using the film Wonder, superheroes and videos to help discuss the issue of bullying.
Activity 9 – Wonder – I am Unique Because… Key Stage 2 A lesson celebrating what makes us all unique and using the trailer to the film Wonder.
Activity 10 – Cyberbullying – Think Before you Post! Key Stage 2 A lesson addressing the issue of cyberbullying helping you to ascertain pupil activity online and to help them consider how to respond to bullying in different scenarios.
Activity 11 – Make a Difference – Starfish Story

Key Stage 2

A lesson encouraging children to think about kindness and the impact of your actions.
Activity 12 – United to Stop Bullying Key Stage 2 A lesson thinking about how we can work together to unite against bullying using music and drama.
Activity 13 – Scenarios Key Stage 2 This lesson includes a series of scenarios relating to bullying that groups can read through to help them think critically about bullying.
Activity 14 – Positivity Puzzles Key Stage 2 A lesson plan that aims to encourage kindness in the classroom through the use of ‘positivity.
Activity 15 – Hands Kindness Activity Key Stage 2 - 4 This activity aims to create unity through the use of kindness and art.
Activity 16 – Puzzle Pieces Key Stage 2 – 4 This activity highlights the theme for Anti-Bullying Week that we all have a part to play and are all a piece in the puzzle to tackle bullying.
Activity 17 – Introduction to Anti-Bullying Week Key Stage 3 / 4 A lesson plan that explores the aims of Anti-Bullying Week 2024 and helps pupils think carefully about how we can unite against bullying.
Activity 18 – Anti-Bullying Policy Debate Key Stage 3 / 4 A lesson plan that will help students with their debating skills and help the school review the efficacy of their anti-bullying policy.
Activity 19 – Bullying and the Movies Key Stage 3 / 4 A series of lesson and group activities that explore bullying through film.
Activity 20 – Scenarios Exercise Key Stage 3 / 4 A lesson plan consisting of a series of scenarios that should encourage group discussions about bullying.

Anti-Bullying Week 2024 Posters can be downloaded in English here and in Gaeilge here.

Odd Socks Day

As part of Anti-Bullying Week 2024, DDISS is excited to be bringing Odd Socks Day to UKfor the first time! Odd Socks day will take place on the first day of Anti Bullying Week, Monday 16th November – it is a chance for schools to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week in a positive way by asking pupils to wear odd socks to school.

Andy and The Odd Socks have recorded a Virtual Odd Socks Day Assembly especially for primary schools for Anti-Bullying Week 2024! You can find the assembly at the YouTube link here. Andy has also recorded a special shout out to schools in UKthat you can watch here.

You can download the Odd Socks Day pack for UKbelow.

The Odd Socks Day resources can also be downloaded here:

Odd Socks Day Poster

Odd Socks Day Flyer

Lyrics Sheet - The Kids Are United

Odd Socks Day Pledge Poster

Social Media Toolkit

Our Social Media Toolkit can provide you with plenty of helpful ideas for promoting Anti-Bullying Week online!

You can download the Social Media Toolkit below:

You can download our social media resources here:

Social Media assets

Puzzle Piece Pledge

Member organisation resources

The London Safeguarding Forum (DDISS) brings together a range of statutory and voluntary sector organisations from across Northern Ireland, all acting together to end the bullying of children and young people in our schools and in our communities.

We have collated resources from some of our member organisations that can be used in school to celebrate and take part in Anti-Bullying Week.

Community Relations in Schools (CRIS) Key Stage 1

This short video focuses on the theme of ‘Empathy’ and encourage young children to use their skills and become ‘Empathy Explorers’. This is done through the use of song, puppets and child-friendly light discussion.

If you have any difficulties with the resources, please contact DDISS on