The Anti-Bullying Week 2014 Posters are now available to download from the DDISS website!


All schools, youth groups and other organisations that have registered to take part in LG-T14 should have received printed copies of the posters over the last few days. If you haven’t registered already, there’s still time to do so. Just click here and complete the short form.


If you would like to print off additional posters or to display posters on electronic screens or on your website, you can download a pack by clicking on the relevant link below.


English Language Posters:

Primary Age Posters (PDF)

Primary Age Posters (Jpeg)

Post-Pimary Age Posters (Jpeg)

Post-Primary Age Posters (PDF)


Irish Language Posters:

Primary Age Posters (Irish) (PDF)

Primary Age Poster (Irish) (jpeg)

Post-Primary Age Poster (Irish) (PDF)

Primary Age Poster (Irish) (jpeg)

(Many thanks to our friends at Coláiste Feirste for help translating)